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  • Silicon Florist


    The Silicon Florist covers tech startup news focused on Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. The site also has a weekly e-newsletter. Revenue: Web ads


  • A Child Grows in Brooklyn


    A Child Grows in Brooklyn provides news and information for parents, including child-friendly events and parenting tips. The owners purchased the site from its founder in 2013. Revenue: Advertising, including sponsored posts.

  • Austin EcoNetwork


    Austin EcoNetwork is a community website and with a twice a week newslater featuring the latest environmental news in Austin, TX. It offers Eco news, Eco Events Calendar, Eco Jobs and an Austin Eco Directory. 

    Revenue: Advertising

  • Beachwood Reporter


    Beachwood Reporter (named for local watering hole Beachwood Inn) is a Chicago site that combines political commentary with comedy, poetry,  and original essays. Veteran journalist Steve Rhodes leads a crew of unpaid contributors. Revenue: Advertising, donations

  • Bike Portland


    BikePortland covers all things bicycling in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, publisher Jonathan Maus joined forces with Michael Anderson, who had run Portland Afoot for three years. The site also has a podcast channel (TheBikePortland Podcast).

    Revenue: Advertising, photo sales, reader contributions.

  • Broken Sidewalk


    This site covers urban issues in Louisville, Kentucky, including urbanism, development, and neighborhoods. Revenue: Advertising and Sponsorship 

  • Brownstoner


    Launched in 2004, Brownstoner began by chronicling Brooklyn’s rapid evolution through the lens of real estate and renovation.

    As Brooklyn transitioned from “outer borough” to primary destination, Brownstoner grew from a pioneering blog to a respected digital publication.

    Today, it is the Brooklyn media brand that people trust to help them find or sell a home, make a home better, and learn about the past, present and future of Brooklyn.

  • Buffalo Rising


    Buffalo Rising was founded to cover urban development and community activism in Buffalo. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Building Austin


    This site is about the growth and development in Austin, TX. It covers construction, transportation and political news about Austin. It posts frequently and engages its readers through social media. Revenue: Advertising

  • Bungalower


    Bungalower covers the downtown Orlando neighborhoods and Downtown Orlando. Launched by Matt Broffman, a former Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow, the site focuses on growth, development, quality of life issues, local events and real estate. Bungalower's revenue model is focused on consumer revenue vs just advertising revenue. Bungalower launched a Membership program in 2014.

  • Calbuzz


    Journalist, author, TV talk show host Jerry Roberts and pollster, writer and communication consultant Phil Trounstine head this site about California politics. Revenue: Advertising. Bonus Point: They were named by the Washington Post as the best non-partisan site about politics in California.

  • Confluence Denver


    Confluence Denver covers development entreprenuership, and innovation in Denver. It was founded by Eric Peterson. Revenue: Foundations, sponsorships.

  • Delaware Business Now!


    A business-to-business website and five-day-a-week newsletter  serving the state of Delaware. The digital business was founded in 2013 by Doug Rainey, a 25-year veteran of business  journals  in the state of Delaware. The site  showed  steady growth in page views and advertising  under the name Delaware Business Daily and  as a PDF electronic business journal, the Delaware Business Bulletin.  In December of 2015, the site was rebranded under the Business Now name. 

  • EQ (Entrepreneur Quarterly)


    EQ, short for Entrepreneur Quarterly, is a relatively new site that focuses on tech startups in St. Louis, MO. The site started in 2015 and supports itself with sponsorships by several large companies and universities. Supporters include Washington University and Saint Louis University, which distribute EQ's quarterly print magazine on their campuses. Revenue: Local company sponsorships, web ads.

  • Exit133


    Exit133 covers planning, urban development, and real estate in Tacoma, Washington. 

  • Georgia CEO


    Georgia CEO launched in 2010 to publish more detailed coverage of business than other local publications were providing. In addition to profiles of local business owners and articles about business strategy, Georgia CEO conducts and features video interviews with local business leaders. It also maintains a business directory. With over 30,000 subscribers around the state our publications deliver daily, custom content in 8 locales. Albany CEO, Athens CEO, Metro Atlanta CEO, Augusta CEO, Columbus CEO, Macon CEO, Savannah CEO and Valdosta CEO. Revenue: Sponsorships.

  • Global Atlanta


    This site started in 1993 and covers an interesting niche of global business, education and culture with local Atlanta spin. The site engages in social media, maintains an extensive events calander, provides a job board and contact list. 

    Revenue: Advertising

  • Great Lakes Echo


    The Great Lakes Echo covers environmental issues in the Great Lakes region. It was founded in 2008 by environmental journalist Dave Poulson and it is based in the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University. Reporting is done by students, professors, journalists and the Capital News Service for this non-profit. Revenue: University- and foundation-supported.

  • Latina Lista


    Latina Lista aims to "elevate the voices of Latinas and Latinos in mainstream media" by featuring multimedia reports on Latinos and issues of importance in their community. Led by Marisa Treviño, Latina Lista 

  • Midwest Wine Press


    This site covers the wine business in the Midwest. It includes coverage of 11 midwest wine producing states. They use social media to engage their audience, and they post frequently. Revenue: Advertising

  • North Carolina Health News


    North Carolina Health News is an independent, not-for-profit, statewide news organization dedicated to covering health care in North Carolina. Founder Rose Hoban said the site was launched in 2011 in response to the decrease in health reporters around the state. It relies on small and in-kind donations. As of March, 2013, it is awaiting approval for federal 501c3 status.

  • PORT


    PORT covers art events, news and reviews from the point of view of the Portland, Oregon art community.  The site features various links highlighting current art shows, artist interviews, photoblogs and recent reviews. Revenue: Sponsorships


  • Q Notes


    This site aims to serve the LGBT and straight ally communities of Charlotte and the Carolinas with a focus on LGBT life and social justice issues. Editorial content consists of news, features, and views, as well as entertainment stories. It engages its readers through the website, newsletter and a print edition as well as social media. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Ray's Weather Center


    This weather site started as a hobby for a North Carolina computer scientist. But the heavily trafficked site has become a business for Ray Russell and his family. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Reboot Illinois


    Reboot Illinois covers the local economy, government, tax policies and education. The site is active on Facebook and Twitter. The site actively encourages a public discussion of local issues. Revenue: Donations, paid subscriptions sponsored content, private funding, company sponsorships and web advertising. 

  • Richmond Biz Sense


    Richmond BizSense is a website focused on news about new businesses and the economy in Richmond, Virginia. It was founded by Aaron Kremer in 2008. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Seattle Bike Blog


    The Seattle Bike Blog covers bike only news and opinion in Seattle, WA. The site features useful links, including a “Stolen Bikes” section which helps readers connect to one another. Revenue: Web ads and reader subscriptions

  • SiliconHills


    This site covers technology news in San Antonio and Austin, Texas with stories about technology events and issues, entrepreneurs, companies and creative people. Revenue: Advertising, sponsorship 

  • SpokaneFAVS


    SpokaneFAVS provides non-sectarian coverage of religion, spirituality and ethics in the Inland Northwest. We promote dialogue through online journalism and community engagement opportunities.


  • Technical.ly Baltimore


    Technical.ly Baltimore is part of Technical.ly, a tech information and services netowork that launched in with Technical.ly Philly in Philadelphia in 2008 and has since expanded to Baltimore, Brooklyn and Delaware. The organization's goal is to "grow local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services." Revenue: Advertising, sponsorships, job listings.

  • Technical.ly Brooklyn


    Technical.ly Brooklyn is the third site of  of Technical.ly, which launched Technical.ly Philly in 2008 and then expanded to Baltimore, Brooklyn and Delaware. The organization's goal is to "grow local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services." Revenue: Advertising, sponsorships, job listings.

  • Technical.ly Delaware


    Technical.ly launched its fourth site, Technical.ly Delaware, in June 2014. Technical.ly Philly is the original site of Technical.ly, which has since expanded to Baltimore, Brooklyn and Delaware. The organization's goal is to "grow local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services." Revenue: Advertising, sponsorships, job listings.

  • Technical.ly Philly


    Technical.ly is a network of local technology news and events that cover how technology is making cities better. The publication shines light daily on subject matters that can help encourage job growth and retention, address broadband access and adoption, highlight creative and inspirational digital arts and improve transparency and efficiency in government using technology, while engaging the broad base of people who use technology each day.

    Founded in Philadelphia in 2009 by three Temple University graduates with backgrounds in journalism, the profitable publication has grown to produce a series of events in the Northeast Corridor, including the widely-publicized Philly Tech Week, which in 2014 welcomed 25,000 people across 100 events, and Baltimore Innovation Week, which in 2014 welcomed 6,000 people across 50 events. The site expanded from Philadelphia and now covers Brooklyn, DC, Baltimore and Delaware, as well.

    Technical.ly is published by Technically Media [technicallymedia.com], a small online publishing startup with 10 full-time employees and a network of contributors.

  • Texas Wine Lover


    This site covers wine business news in the state of Texas. In addition to wine business news, it covers features of wineries and wineries reviews. They use social media extensively to engage with their audience. They post frequently. Revenue: Advertising, wine merchandise. 

  • The Daily Line


    The Daily Line, formerly Aldertrack, is a niche site that covers political news for the city of Chicago and Cook County. The site offers specialized reporting and research services for organizations. It also publishes a 7:30 a.m. weekday e-newsletter that includes access to searchable archives on past reports. Revenue: Reader subscriptions

  • The NM Political Report


    This site focus specifically on New Mexico Politics. It is dedicated to breaking political news as well as longer term political series reporting. They post frequently and engage their audience via social media. 


    Revenue: Donations, they are a non-profit.

  • The Philadelphia Public School Notebook


    The Notebook launched back in 1994 as a quarterly newspaper dedicated to covering Philadelphia schools. In recent years, it has developed a robust online presence while continuing to distribute 55,000 free copies of the print publication six times a year at local schools and libraries.

  • The Seattle Lesbian


    The Seattle Lesbian covers local news in Seattle, Washington, U.S. national and international LGBT news. The site is active on social media and also publishes a weekly e-newsletter. Revenue: Web ads and sponsorships

  • Urban Cincy


    This site mainly focuses on urban business, development and transportation coverage. The staff engages the audience through the site via social media. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Urban Milwaukee


    This site covers transit, culture, development issues in the urban Milwaukee. Revenue: Advertising