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  • 2016-03-18 17:03:53 UTC

San Antonio , Texas

This site covers technology news in San Antonio and Austin, Texas with stories about technology events and issues, entrepreneurs, companies and creative people. Revenue: Advertising, sponsorship 

Introduction by publisher

Silicon Hills News launched in September of 2011 with a grant from the New Media Women's grant from J-Lab, funded by the McCormick Foundation. In our second year, we landed more than $100,000 worth of sponsorships and ads. We also launched a print magazine. We successfully ran two Kickstarter campaigns that both exceeded their goals. We're bootstrapped and growing our traffic like crazy, although we've seen increased competition and our sponsorship base shrink lately. We recently created a weekly podcast called Silicon Hills. I'm working in partnership with Brenda Salinas, a former NPR radio reporter, to cover Central Texas in a weekly 30 minute podcast. We're raising sponsorships for that currently and hope to launch next month. And we have our first intern from UT working for us this semester: Hojun Choi. He launched our Snapchat channel. And he's been covering a lot of tech activities at UT. We also recently completed our second annual Silicon Hills News technology calendar, which is quite popular with the technology community. We are also actively looking for mainstream media companies to partner with and are open to exploring all opportunities.

Effective engagement practice

We accept submissions from select community members to run as articles. We also regularly engage with our readers at local events and we have an annual calendar and calendar party to celebrate the local tech community. We also participate in an Austin Startups Facebook group and a San Antonio Startup Facebook group, which we run. And we send a weekly newsletter to more than 2,000 people on our mailing list.

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city

Other geographic focus

Two large metros: Austin and San Antonio and the region in between.


  • Provide niche news about one topic

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Technology startups, fundings and event coverage.


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