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  • More than $1 million

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  • Events

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  • Business services
  • Sponsorship

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  • Local advertising
  • National advertising
  • Foundation grants

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  • 2016-03-21 20:07:53 UTC

Technical.ly Philly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Technical.ly Media, a tech news and service provider that launched in with Technical.ly Philly in Philadelphia in 2008 and has since expanded to BaltimoreBrooklynDelaware and Washington, D.C. The organization's goal is to "grow local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services." Revenue: Advertising, sponsorships, job listings.

Introduction by publisher

Technical.ly is a network of local technology news and events that cover how technology is making cities better. The publication shines light daily on subject matters that can help encourage job growth and retention, address broadband access and adoption, highlight creative and inspirational digital arts and improve transparency and efficiency in government using technology, while engaging the broad base of people who use technology each day.

Founded in Philadelphia in 2009 by three Temple University graduates with backgrounds in journalism, the profitable publication has grown to produce a series of events in the Northeast Corridor, including the widely-publicized Philly Tech Week, which in 2014 welcomed 25,000 people across 100 events, and Baltimore Innovation Week, which in 2014 welcomed 6,000 people across 50 events. The site expanded from Philadelphia and now covers Brooklyn, DC, Baltimore and Delaware, as well.

Technical.ly is published by Technically Media [technicallymedia.com], a small online publishing startup with 10 full-time employees and a network of contributors.

Effective engagement practice

We've always driven engagement at our events, but the broadest connection with our audience is with our editorial, which we measure through pageviews and social engagement.

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city


  • Provide niche news about one topic

Other mission

Connect the community through events and services

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  • Yes, occasional

Institutional partners

  • None

Content contributors

  • Professional journalists
  • Community members who are not journalists

Contributor compensation

  • Full-time, paid staff
  • Freelance or part-time paid staff

Revenue-side compensation

  • Full-time, paid staff with commission
  • Part-time commission only