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The Philadelphia Public School Notebook
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Philadelphia Public School Notebook

The Notebook launched back in 1994 as a quarterly newspaper dedicated to covering Philadelphia schools. In recent years, it has developed a robust online presence while continuing to distribute 55,000 free copies of the print publication six times a year at local schools and libraries.

Introduction by publisher

By providing reporting and analysis about public schools in Philadelphia and creating forums for dialogue and education, the Notebook empowers parents, educators, students and residents to improve conditions for all in the city’s public schools and to build strong learning communities.

The Notebook is known as the go-to place for information about Philadelphia schools and also as a key voice helping to sustain efforts for school improvement. Its main services are the free publication and dissemination of a bimonthly citywide newspaper; a website with breaking news coverage, multimedia, and commentary; and weekly e-newsletters. It also creates forums for conversation about critical issues, both online and face-to-face. Its primary audience is public school parents and staff. The Notebook is a critical information source for this audience, especially in this turbulent period. It helps citizens navigate the system while informing collective efforts for school improvement and greater accountability and transparency. It searches for solutions to one of the city's most fundamental issues – educational inequity.

Effective engagement practice

The Notebook's Facebook page has 4,700 likes and is a major vehicle for sharing and discussing content. The Notebook's Facebook friends better reflect the diversity of our readership and of the Philadelphia schools than most of the other audience engagement strategies we use.

Business challenge

How much of our budget we can take in the form of restricted grants from foundations who support coverage of a specific topic.

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city


  • Provide niche news about one topic

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  • Education & schools


  • Yes, it is the primary focus

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