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Delaware Business Now!
Newark, Delaware
Delaware Business Now!

A business-to-business website and five-day-a-week newsletter  serving the state of Delaware. The digital business was founded in 2013 by Doug Rainey, a 25-year veteran of business  journals  in the state of Delaware. The site  showed  steady growth in page views and advertising  under the name Delaware Business Daily and  as a PDF electronic business journal, the Delaware Business Bulletin.  In December of 2015, the site was rebranded under the Business Now name. 

Introduction by publisher

After my departure as an editor of a business journal and community newspaper in Delaware, I launched a personal website featuring business news.

A pioneer in online publishing in Delaware suggested my blog could become a commercial enterprise, using a model that was in place in the state at the time.

Delaware Business was launched in January of 2013 under the name Delaware Business Daily as a business news website. A key product was a weekly Adobe PDF newsletter The Business Bulletin, which contained display advertising and a weekly round-up of news.

Page views grew steadily to 30,000 a month and advertising revenues rose steadily. Circulation of the newsletter rose steadily to 1,700, with an open rate of 30 percent.

A business journal entered the market in fall to 2014. The print business journal and a desire by readers for more frequency led to the rebranding to Delaware Business website with a five-day-a-week newsletter carrying the same name.

The newsletter was an immediate success and drove a 30 percent increase in visits to the website. Circulation is now moving toward 2,000, with 28,000 opens per month.The open rae has remained around 30 percent.

Advertising in the newsletter also rose substantially in the new year.

The biggest challenges facing this enterprise is keeping up with an active business scene, building web traffic and finding time and resources to build an advertising base.

Effective engagement practice

Social media.

Business challenge

Competition with a print business journal launched in late 2014

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