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Building blocks in the emerging local news ecosystem

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  • Akronist


    The Akronist seeks to capture compelling multimedia stories of everyday people in the community. The website is an extension of the Akron Digital Media Center, a partnership between Akron Community Foundation and the Akron-Summit County Public Library. The project trains citizens to create multimedia stories using small cameras and mobile devices, whose content is uploaded to social media and the Akronist website. Revenue: Grants, sponsorships.

  • Alhambra Source


    Alhambra Source is a nonprofit organization that serves a city of about 85,000, predominantly Asian and Hispanic immigrants, in California's San Gabriel Valley. Launched in 2010 by the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, the organization in 2017 began a two-year transition toward becoming an indepenent outlet. The site relies on community contributors working with a professional journalist. The site seeks to serve "as a forum for local voices, and a platform for the expression and development of writers, videographers, and photographers." Bonus points: Content in Spanish and Mandarin as well as English.

  • bctv.org


    bctv.org is a nonprofit corporation committed to providing live programming on cable TV and online, produced and hosted by people in the Berks County community. 
    Community members are welcome to submit stories, photos and video about issues, events and activities in Berks County as well as comments, opinions, and reviews. 

  • BenitoLink


    Benito Link is a community-driven, non-profit local news site serving rural Benito County, which borders Santa Clara County, California. The nonprofit site seeks donations and sponsorships among other funding sources. Its mission is to inform all residents in decisions and engage them in order to improve our community's "quality of life."

  • Church Hill People's News


    Church Hill People's News is an all-volunteer site that covers the East End of  of Richmond, Va. With more than 100,000 pageviews per month and a real-world impact, CHPN has become a community resource for sharing information and helping connect communities in a diverse and changing area of the city.

  • Civil Beat


    Civil Beat is the largest news outlet dedicated to public affairs reporting about Hawaii. It focuses on investigative and watchdog journalism, in-depth enterprise reporting, analysis and commentary that gives readers a broad view on important issues and challenges leaders to do better. Civil Beat also works to foster community discussion by providing a place where citizens can debate important issues in a civil manner. Revenue: Metered paywall with monthly subscriptions.

  • Columbus Underground


    Columbus Underground features events, entertainment, business and government coverate in Ohio's largest city. It also maintains active discussion boards. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Duke City Fix


    Duke City Fix began in 2005 in cooperation with local bloggers, ready to streamline Albuquerque content into one place. Seeded by publisher Chantal Foster, the site provided unedited coverage and commentary from bloggers on local cultural, art and food scenes alongside active community discussions, event listings and classifieds that could be added by any registered member on the site. Revenue: Advertising.

  • Front Porch Forum


    Front Porch Forum's mission is to help neighbors connect and build community.  We do that by hosting regional networks of online neighborhood forums.

    FPF currently serves every community in the state of Vermont and is exploring expansion to other locales.  More than one out of three households in Vermont participates in their local FPF.

  • Golden.com


    Golden.com was started in 2007 and covers community news in Golden, Colorado. The site has many useful links for tourists and locals including a dining, shopping and brewery directory. Revenue: Sponsorship and ads.

  • NOWCastSA


     NOWCastSA is a nonprofit community news organization that was created to address the scarcity of meaningful local news and information in the San Antonio Metropolitan Area, to democratize local data and to get people engaged in their community. Its mission is to promote and facilitate an inclusive civic conversation by empowering neighbors to identify common issues and share information through education, training, community news, events and multimedia.


  • Richmond Pulse


    Richmond Pulse is a nonprofit news site with a monthly print publication whose content is developed by young people. Richmond Pulse aims to offer a counter-point to negative perceptions of Richmond and amplify voices of underserved residents. Revenue: 10-year grant from the California Endowment.

  • Silver Lake Star


    Silver Lake Star is a community website and portal for residents in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Eddie North-Hager and Betsy McClellan Hall in 2012 and seeks reader posts. They also started Echo Park Online. Revenue: Advertising, real estate listings.

  • The Philbrick-James Forum


    The Philbrick-James Forum is a volunteer-staffed, nonprofit news site that covers several New Hampshire small towns. Topics: Local news, arts and entertainment, sports, lifestyle. Revenue: Advertising, donations. 

  • The Rapidian


    The Rapidian is neighborhood citizen news site in Grand Rapids, Mich., operated by the Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Revenue: Grants, advertising. Bonus points: Active use of social media, mapping local events and news.

  • The Seattle Globalist


    The Seattle Globalist is a nonprofit news organization that covers connections betweeen global and local issues in Seattle. The site seeks to highlight diverse voices and has an apprenticeship program to help train a new generation of media makers. Revenue: Advertising/sponsorship, donations

  • This Is Reno


    This Is Reno is a local news site in Nevada that is mostly operated by volunteers. It has been around since 2009. Topics include events, crime, government, and business. Revenue: Advertising

  • Tipp News Daily


    Tipp news uses citizens' written and video reports to deliver news to residents of the Tipp City. The site relies heavily on submissions by residents.