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  • Nonprofit 501c3

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  • $101,000 - $250,000

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  • Business services

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  • Foundation grants
  • Sponsorship

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San Antonio



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  • 2016-04-21 01:20:36 UTC

San Antonio, Texas
Charlotte-Anne Lucas

 NOWCastSA is a nonprofit community news organization that was created to address the scarcity of meaningful local news and information in the San Antonio Metropolitan Area, to democratize local data and to get people engaged in their community. Its mission is to promote and facilitate an inclusive civic conversation by empowering neighbors to identify common issues and share information through education, training, community news, events and multimedia.


Introduction by publisher

NOWCastSA is like public television on the Internet - a trusted part of the civic fabric and the future of San Antonio, informing and engaging people about public policy, health, the environment, education and culture.

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit online news organization, NOWCastSA has expanded access to information, empowering more than 300,000 people to make smarter decisions for themselves.

Similar to public television and public radio, NOWCastSA is a 501(c)(3), and is supported by underwriting, grants, sponsorships and tax deductible donations from people like you!

NOWCastSA, which is governed by an independent and volunteer Board of Directors, was launched in 2009 with a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, that was matched with pledges from CI:NOW and the San Antonio Area Foundation.

Effective engagement practice

Social media and live webcast events.

Business challenge

Keeping diversity in revenue streams. we have dramatically increased the underwriting for webcasts, but grants, memberships and individual donations are an unhealthy small percentage by comparison. The stool needs to have at least three healthy legs, and preferably four!

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city


  • Emphasize several topics but not cover all the news broadly

Topics of coverage

  • Education & schools
  • Government & politics
  • Health & medicine

Other content topics

We also cover the environment (air and water) culture and the arts. For example, thanks to NOWCastSA, San Antonio has a YouTube playlist of Poets Laureate!


  • Yes, infrequently

Institutional partners

  • University
  • Library
  • Nonprofit media organization
  • Other

Other institutional partners

Both the local Public Radio and Public Television stations

Content contributors

  • Professional journalists
  • Students

Contributor compensation

  • Full-time, paid staff
  • Volunteers

Revenue-side compensation

  • Part-time commission only
  • Unpaid volunteers

Publish donors

  • Publish all donor names
  • Publish all foundation names

In the news

Nonprofit membership program: http://nowcastsa.com/blogs/nowcastsa-nonprofit-membership-program

Our 2015 documentary on the incarceration of asylum-seeking mothers and children from Central America:

Catch up and Get Ahead with the Edge, NOWCastSA's weekly YouTube newscast: http://nowcastsa.com/category/edge