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  • Bridge


    Bridge is a nonprofit online publication that focuses on public policy issues in the state of Michigan including education, government, quality of life and vulnerable children and families. Revenue: Grants, donations.

  • CalMatters

    CalMatters is a nonprofit news organization that covers state news in California. The organization distributes its content through more than 150 media partners around the state. Revenue: Donations, foundation grants, sponsorships.

  • Maryland Reporter


    Maryland Reporter is a nonprofit site covering state government since 2009. Revenue: Grants, sponsorhips, donations, advertising and payments from news organizations that carry its content. Maryland Reporter does not accept political advertising.

  • Mississippi Today


    Mississippi Today covers has a focus on government policies and local politics affecting the state of Mississippi. It is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and member of the Institute for Nonprofit News. Revenue: Reader donations, private & corporate sponsorships, and advertising.

  • Montana Free Press

    Montana Free Press is a nonprofit news organization that covers state politics and government. Revenue: Grants.

  • New Mexico In Depth


    New Mexico In Depth covers public affairs including government and politics, environment and climate change, and criminal justice. The site has partnered with several local media organizations and public radio stations. Revenue: Donor support, web ads

  • NJ Spotlight


    NJ Spotlight says its mission is to deliver "insight and information on issues critical to New Jersey, with the aim of informing and engaging the state’s communities and businesses." While the site has the support of several foundations, it also has developed a significant revenue stream staging public affairs conferences and webinars

  • South Dakota News Watch

    South Dakota News Watch covers statewide issues including education, agriculture and public stafety. The nonprofit outlet launched in 2017. Revenue: Grants, donations

  • The Colorado Independent


     The Colorado Independent is a non-profit website that covers news across Colorado state. It provides political analysis and in-depth investigations. It was started in 2006 as part of the American News Network based in Washington D.C., but it was reorganized in 2013 to be independently run in Colorado. Revenue: Donations.

  • The Colorado Sun


    Civil-backed newsroom that covers state news. Creates newsletters, one of which is behind a membership tier; also publishes Colorado literature in partnership with local organizations. Larry Ryckman is the editor. Revenue: funded by Civil, with the hope of long-term sustainability from memberships.

  • The Connecticut Mirror


    The Connecticut Mirror covers state policy, politics and finance. In 2013, it was the only news organization in Connecticut with a full-time reporter in Washington, D.C. CTMirror has more than 20 print syndication partners who distribute its content around the state and frequently partners with the local public radio  outlet. Revenue: Foundation grants, donations.

  • The Texas Tribune


    Texas Tribune is a leading nonprofit site with a professional staff that covers all things politics in Texas. Ithas enjoyed significant revenue growth since it launched with the backing of large donors in 2009. Revenue in 2013 was $4.5 million. Topics: State government, politics, campaign finance, education, immigration, death penalty. Revenue: Grants, donations, sponsorships, memberships, events. Bonus points: Sophisticated interactive databases.

  • VTDigger


    VTDigger is an online only, government watchdog reporting shop that is dedicated to daily coverage of Vermont politics, education, the environment, health care, business, energy, human services and state finances. Led by journalist Anne Galloway, it is a project of the nonprofit Vermont Journalism Trust. 

  • WyoFile


    WyoFile is an independent, nonprofit news service focused on the people, places and policy of Wyoming. WyoFile offers in-depth coverage of complicated subjects and issues ranging from tax policy to trends in Wyoming culture. WyoFile produces regular commentary and analysis as well as daily summaries and links to important Wyoming-related stories in the state and national press.