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Approx 40,900


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  • 2016-03-16 15:45:26 UTC

Casper, Wyoming
Dustin Bleizeffer

WyoFile is an independent, nonprofit news service focused on the people, places and policy of Wyoming. WyoFile offers in-depth coverage of complicated subjects and issues ranging from tax policy to trends in Wyoming culture. WyoFile produces regular commentary and analysis as well as daily summaries and links to important Wyoming-related stories in the state and national press.

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Introduction by publisher

WyoFile began in early 2008 as the brainchild of founder Christopher Findlater, who got together with a small group of veteran Wyoming journalists to plan how to give Wyoming better in-depth news coverage through an online platform. Findlater was WyoFile’s primary financial backer for its first two years. WyoFile became a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2009. Rone Tempest was WyoFile’s first long-time editor. He had retired to Wyoming, where he had spent part of his childhood, after serving as the Los Angeles Times bureau chief in New Delhi, Beijing, and Paris. In 2011, WyoFile was able to hire Dustin Bleizeffer, long-time energy reporter for the Casper Star-Tribune, as editor-in-chief. Our foundation supporters include the John S. Jame L. Knight Foundation, Ethics & Excellence in Journalism, the George B. Storer Foundation and others. WyoFile also relies on the support of its readers, and continues to grow a dedicated readership as a leader among Wyoming journalism organizations and a must-read for policy-makers and influencers.

Effective engagement practice

By far our most effective means of engaging our audience is through our weekly newsletter. Subscribing to our newsletter is free, and our subscribers are dedicated readers. Our average open rate averages approximately 35%. Also critical to our audience engagement is Facebook where we interact with regular readers and attract new readers, and Twitter, where we cast a wide net that introduces a lot of new people to WyoFile.

Business challenge

Some large general fund grants are more difficult to get, so we must broaden our portfolio of foundations, which tends to force us into several mission-driven directions. By far, our most reliable source of funding is small donations from our readers, and our readership and their giving continues to increase.

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  • State

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The state of Wyoming.


  • Produce investigative news

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  • Environment
  • Government & politics
  • Health & medicine

Other content topics

Wind River Indian Reservation coverage


  • Yes, occasional

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  • Local commercial broadcast outlet
  • Foundation

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  • Professional journalists

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  • Full-time, paid staff
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  • Full-time, paid staff without commission

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  • Publish all foundation names

In the news

No. But our articles are regularly referenced in other news reports, and many news outlets publish WyoFile stories all of the time. Here's a couple of recent WyoFile articles with local and national audiences: