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Year launched


Tax status

  • LLC

Monthly visitors



  • $101,000 - $250,000

Primary revenue sources (50% or more)

  • Other

Other primary revenue source

Most of our income comes from political advertising, primarily special interest groups moreso than elections

Secondary revenue sources (20-49%)

  • Syndication

Smaller revenue sources (less than 20%)

  • Small donations (Less than $1,000)
  • Large donations ($1,000 or more)
  • Web services

Publishing platform

  • Other

Other publishing platform

Main news site is Expression Engine. Our directory is on WordPress. Our photo platform is MyCapture.com for now.


  • Yes





Last Publisher Update

  • 2016-03-07 00:36:51 UTC

Hartford, Connecticut

CTNewsJunkie features original reporting on state politics and policy as well as courts and the health care system. Revenue: Advertising, Content Usage Agreements (Syndication), donations, a directory of political businesses and organizations, and some sponsored content in 2016.

Business challenge

Bookkeeping. Trying to come up with good numbers. We lost our bookkeeper in 2015 and have yet to replace.

Coverage area

  • State


  • Other

Other mission

We cover state politics and government with a heavy focus on the General Assembly and gubernatorial politics. We also have made an effort to cover health care closely and have led the way on that for several years.

Topics of coverage

  • Government & politics
  • Health & medicine
  • Other

Other content topics

We cover a lot of different topics impacted by the state legislature - it's a wide variety of topics but we center our coverage at the state capitol on a daily basis.


  • Yes, occasional

Institutional partners

  • Nonprofit media organization
  • Local newspaper

Contributors - Other specify

We have a group of freelance reporters who work with us, and two others who handle our email blasts. We also have 4 paid columnists who write weekly or twice a month, as well as one or two Interns most of the time.