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  • Nonprofit 501c3

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  • $251,000 - $500,000

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  • Large donations ($1,000 or more)
  • Subscription

Secondary revenue sources (20-49%)

  • Small donations (Less than $1,000)
  • Sponsorship

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  • Events

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  • Largo (INN Wordpress stack)




  • Yes

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  • 2016-03-07 18:06:51 UTC

Austin Monitor
Austin, Texas
Michael Kanin

The Austin Monitor is a nonprofit site published by the Capital of Texas Media Foundation, which was formed in 2013 and received nonprofit status in 2015. The site covers civic affairs, including government and development, in Austin and central Texas. Revenue: Donations, sponsorships.

Introduction by publisher

The Monitor is the result of an apparent lack of interest from the local daily in regular, in-depth coverage of local issues. Indeed, the backbone of the organization is the former In Fact Daily, a site we purchased from the Austin American-Statesman and its parent, Cox Communications, in 2013.

Since, we've grown from a subscribership of 406 individuals to one of roughly 1200. We've to opened up what was a hard paywall, and allowed readers everywhere (our GA user count is about 2,000 daily) a dose of free content. We've established media partnerships with local NBC and NPR affiliates.

All this has expanded our reach--and thus our ability to get good journalism about local issues into the hands of more people--significantly.

Effective engagement practice

Low-cost, easy targeting makes social media the most effective means of audience engagement for us.

Business challenge

We've really struggled to secure sponsorships for online content. This is likely thanks to the fact that we've not hired anyone with a specific focus on this effort.

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city


  • Emphasize several topics but not cover all the news broadly

Topics of coverage

  • Education & schools
  • Government & politics
  • Planning & development


  • Yes, infrequently

Institutional partners

  • Nonprofit media organization
  • Local commercial broadcast outlet

Content contributors

  • Professional journalists

Contributor compensation

  • Freelance or part-time paid staff

Revenue-side compensation

  • Part-time paid employee without commission

Publish donors

  • Publish all donor names