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  • More than $1 million

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Google Surveys

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State College



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  • 2016-03-16 22:18:06 UTC

State College, Pennsylvania

StateCollege.com covers State college, PA., home of Penn State University, and a student-run sister publication, Onward State, covers the campus. Publisher Daniel Myers reports that revenues are more than $1 million annually. Between the two websites, Monthly traffic averages 2.5 million page views and 800,000 people each month. Revenue: Advertising.

Introduction by publisher

We initially launched the site in 1996 as a business directory as we were building lots of local websites for local businesses. We slowly built out the capabilities and functionality of the website. Including classifieds, Apartment listings, online food ordering, Real Estate listings, vehicle listings for the local car dealers, hotel availability and eventually started providing editorial content and coverage in 2009. We have been successfully selling advertising since the beginning and most businesses that advertise with us find that we are the number one referring site to their websites when they look in their Google Analytics. This is due to the great SEO that is built into the DNA of the system we operate which is CityPortals. (http://www.cityportals.com) It is software that we custom built of the purpose and provides all of the tools and metrics to easily run and support the website with a limited staff. We have built in CRM and lead tracking, Customer Billing, CMS, Business Directory, Live video streaming tools, Revenue generating verticals and Advertiser support tools.

Effective engagement practice

We have a very large social media presence. Between our two websites we have over 200,000 social media followers.

In our county there are 140,000 living people. We reach 110,000 unique people in the county each month.

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State College, PA


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Other mission

We are an information portal providing all of the information that you need for this area, whether you live here, work here, play here, visit here or are moving here.

Topics of coverage

  • Education & schools
  • Government & politics
  • Local business

Other content topics

There are way more than 3. We cover a lot.


  • Yes, occasional

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  • None

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  • Community members who are not journalists

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  • Full-time, paid staff with commission