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New York

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  • 2016-03-30 20:59:40 UTC

Bushwick Daily
Brooklyn, New York
Bushwick Daily

Bushwick Daily is a news, culture and entertainment site focused on the Brooklyn neighborhood, Bushwick. It was founded in 2010 by former lawyer Katarina Hybenova. Revenue: Advertising. 

Introduction by publisher

Bushwick Daily is an online magazine created and run by Bushwick enthusiasts to serve and celebrate the greater area of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Five days a week, Bushwick Daily brings you curated news about life, style, art, culture, music, and people of the world’s most creative neighborhood where trends are being born. Bushwick Daily is a positively thinking platform that aims to start good conversations and create a space for constructive discussions about this dynamically changing part of Brooklyn.
Bushwick Daily quickly has become one of the most distinctive neighborhood blogs in NYC as well as nationwide. Today Bushwick Daily serves as “the daily bread” for everybody who is interested in Bushwick and its whereabouts.
Bushwick Daily has been awarded an Independent and Community Journalism Award in 2013 for photography by CUNY Graduate School of Journalism; our work has been featured by the New York Times, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, NY Observer, and among others.
We have been nominated in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Brooklyn Nightlife Award for the best publisher.

Effective engagement practice

Social media

Business challenge

We are currently working only with local advertisers with limited budgets. We would like to work with brand due to our specific nature of audience but so far we were not successful.

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  • Neighborhood


  • Cover news of a specific demographic community

Topics of coverage

  • Entertainment & arts
  • Food
  • Local business


  • Yes, infrequently

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  • None

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young aspiring writers

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We are frequently quoted by major publications.