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The Austin Bulldog
Austin, Texas
Ken Martin

The Austin Bulldog is an investigative news site dedicated to in-depth reporting in Austin, Texas. The nonprofit was founded in 2010 by editor Ken Martin. Revenue: Donations.

Introduction by publisher

After 28 years in publishing as a reporter, editor, co-founder and owner of several for-profit publications our monthly magazine, The Good Life, folded in January 2009. I found out about nonprofit publishing and researched sites to see how they were funded and found the Knight Foundation's New Voices grant program. I won a $25,000 grant in the 2009 cycle and launched The Austin Bulldog in April 2010. My mission is investigative reporting in the public interest, focusing on the Austin, Texas area. I publish infrequently, as investigations are completed, and spent as much as as six months focusing on a single investigation and publishing nothing until it was completed. My investigations--one of which that could have resulted in jailing the entire city council--have caused major reforms in local government organizations. The challenge, which I have not pursued, is finding the financial support to grow the organization and be able to pursue more important investigations. Instead I have chosen to spend my time doing the work of investigative reporting and draw very little from the limited budget (about $15,000 in 2015). I definitely need a development director or business-side person to focus on fundraising.

Effective engagement practice

When I publish a new investigation I:
--send out an e-mail News Alert that goes to readers and local media
--post a blurb and link to the story on Facebook
--boost the Facebook post by paying to widen the reach
--use Twitter to notify followers, typically from two to six times for each new investigation
On occasion other media such as the Austin American-Statesman will follow up the story and credit the Bulldog for breaking it.

Business challenge

As a one-man operation I don't have time or focus to develop revenue. I need another person to do that and don't have anyone.

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city

Other geographic focus

I primarily cover the City of Austin and Travis Central Appraisal District, two major governmental entities in Austin, Texas.


  • Produce investigative news

Topics of coverage

  • Crime & justice
  • Environment
  • Government & politics


  • Yes, it is the primary focus

Institutional partners

  • None

Content contributors

  • Professional journalists

Contributor compensation

  • Full-time, paid staff

Publish donors

  • Publish all donor names
  • Publish all foundation names

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