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Year launched


Tax status

  • LLC

Monthly visitors



  • $50,000 or less

Primary revenue sources (50% or more)

  • Local advertising
  • Sponsorship

Secondary revenue sources (20-49%)

  • Sponsorship

Smaller revenue sources (less than 20%)

  • Small donations (Less than $1,000)

Publishing platform

  • WordPress


  • Yes

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  • Not sure





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  • 2016-03-06 03:50:13 UTC

Racine County Eye
Racine County, Wisconsin
Racine County Eye

Racine County Eye, serving eastern Racine County in Wisconsin, was launched by two former Patch editors after the AOL network of local sites underwent significant downsizing. Revenue: Advertising.

Introduction by publisher

Co-owners Heather Asiyanbi and Denise Lockwood have an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. Since launching the site in January 2014, we have grown our audience to 50,000 (and growing!) monthly unique visitors, and we had 1.7 million pageviews in 2015, up from 1.3 million in 2014.

We believe that a strong online local news presence helps build strong communities. We cover issues in local and state government, crime, business, and local events.

Effective engagement practice

Social media remains our primary means of reaching our audience despite the changes in organic reach. Readers regularly contact us via private message on Facebook to ask questions, give us news tips and share photos if they're at the scene of a breaking news event.

Business challenge

Getting a sales person

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city

Other geographic focus

Eastern Racine County


  • Cover general local news

Topics of coverage

  • Crime & justice
  • Government & politics
  • Local business


  • Yes, infrequently

Institutional partners

  • Local commercial broadcast outlet

Content contributors

  • Professional journalists
  • Partner organizations

Contributor compensation

  • Volunteers

Revenue-side compensation

  • Part-time commission only

Publish donors

  • Do not publish names of donors or foundations

In the news

In 2015 and again in 2016 we are partnering with the Racine Taxpayers Association to host candidate forums for local village board races and for the school board as well.