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Laguna Beach



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Stu News Laguna
Laguna Beach, California
Shaena Stabler

Stu News Laguna is the #1 news source in Laguna Beach, California - with more readers than the newspapers in town print copies. We provide a mix of city, police, and community news - putting out new editions twice a week and breaking news when it happens (almost 100 new editorial items each issue). We average 22,000 unique readers monthly - this number has grown by about 15% every year. Our revenue (advertising) has grown comfortably and organically alongside our readership growth - our readership to revenue ratio is about 1:1. Above and beyond the readership numbers - the community engages with us on a deep and profound level, which really makes the ship sail. There is a great sense of pride and community ownership over Stu News Laguna - some might even say a cult following vibe to it all.

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Effective engagement practice

It's the whole thing, really - showing up and engaging with the community on all levels, living here, supporting the non-profits both personally and through the newspaper, going to community events, hosting community events, going "real time" with our social media - everything is an important part of the puzzle! Social media is especially critical as it allows us to have "conversations" with our readers and also update in real time on breaking news events as they're happening in town. But all the ads are on the site so the end goal with social media is always to drive traffic to the site - and it accounts for about 25% of overall traffic for us. We do host free community events about every 6 weeks at various restaurants in town - this gives readers a chance to meet us, drives home that sense of community that we're trying to be about, and also allows us to support different restaurants that advertise with us by bringing them to life. We average about 100 people at these.

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  • Community or town

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  • Cover general local news

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  • Crime & justice
  • Entertainment & arts
  • Local events

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We try to cover the full gamut of community news in Laguna Beach - anything that matters to the community, matters to us. While our focus is and always will be "the news" - we also feature lifestyle content within a news framework (i.e. we have regular Dining content, people features, and other lifestyle type content). We like to think we've modeled ourselves editorially after a US News format - short, tight stories; catchy headlines.


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On February 6, 2014 we were featured in Street Fight Magazine: