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Santa Rosa Beach



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  • 2018-04-09 19:13:33 UTC

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Mike Ragsdale

With over 1 million Facebooks fans, 30A (www.30A.com) covers life in small beach towns along Florida's Gulf Coast. The brand is inspired by a beach-front road named "Scenic Highway 30-A" that runs across the region. In addition to 30A.com, there are also free 30A iPhone, Android and iPad apps, a 24/7 digital radio station (www.30Aradio.com), and retail sales (www.30Agear.com). The company operates three 30A Stores (www.facebook.com/30Astore) featuring 30A-brand products. The company also created 30A Beach Blonde Ale, the top-selling craft beer, now available in six states. 30A Wine by Mercer Estates is also available in restaurants, stores and online at www.30Awine.com.

Introduction by publisher

30A® celebrates the small-town beach life enjoyed along Florida’s gulf coast. But “30-A is more than just a road in Florida,” said ABC. “A website that started to promote a small stretch of coastline is fast becoming an international brand.” The 30A Company has given away over 1.4 million of its famous 30A stickers, and with over 1 million Facebook fans around the world, “30A.com has exploded" (Southern Living). The 30A Company has raised over $1.1 million for local charities and is a founding member of The Sonder Project. 30A was recently invited to speak about the hyperlocal brand's success at the "3D Journalism" conference in Moscow, Russia.

Effective engagement practice

With over 1 million Facebook fans, 30A's social media presence is a powerful resource. Our new digital radio station has also created a new dimension to our stories and brand, allowing for music and in-depth community interviews (www.30Aradio.com).

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Florida's northwestern Gulf Coast.


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Beach News


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