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Site Twitter handle


Facebook link


Year launched


Monthly visitors

7,000 per day


  • $51,000 -€“ 100,000

Primary revenue sources (50% or more)

  • Local advertising

Other primary revenue source

Nearly all local advertising (We also charge $40 for obits)

Other smaller revenue source

Obits, job listings, public notices

Publishing platform

  • Developed in house

Other publishing platform

We use Contribute program but looking to switch to WordPress


about 50 percent


  • No

Is your site indexed on Google News?

  • Yes




New York

Last Publisher Update

  • 2016-03-03 20:42:13 UTC

Orleans Hub
Albion, New York
Orleans Hub

The site serves Orleans County in western New York state. Launched in 2013 by journalist Tom Rivers and The Lake Country Penny Saver owner Karen Sawicz. Revenue: Advertising.

Introduction by publisher

Our site covers rural Orleans County NY, population 42,000. We went live on April 2, 2013 piggybacking on the Penny Saver's staff. Lake Country Media hired Tom Rivers as a full-time editor for the new site. In late August 2013 we added Mike Wertman as a part-time high school sports writer. We average about 7,000 unique visitors each day and have become the "go to" place for local news.

Effective engagement practice

Facebook and Twitter

Business challenge

The model works because we share staff with the local Penysaver, including ad reps, office support, tech support, and the same building.
As the lone full-time staffer devoted to Orleans Hub, I do work every day, including Saturday and Sunday, without a day off for early 3 years now. We could use a second person to add to our coverage and also allow me some time off.

Coverage area

  • Community or town


  • Cover general local news

Topics of coverage

  • Crime & justice
  • Local events
  • Sports & recreation


  • Yes, occasional

Institutional partners

  • Other

Other institutional partners

Local Pennysaver

Content contributors

  • Professional journalists

Contributor compensation

  • Full-time, paid staff
  • Freelance or part-time paid staff

Revenue-side compensation

  • Full-time, paid staff with commission

In the news

Other sites in Buffalo and Rochester regularly use our stories, giving us credit and links including rescue on Feb. 27, 2016 of a college student and dog from near drowning.