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  • Nonprofit 501c3

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  • $101,000 - $250,000

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  • None at this level

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  • Large donations ($1,000 or more)
  • Foundation grants
  • Syndication

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New York

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  • 2016-03-16 19:41:49 UTC

Investigative Post
Buffalo, New York
James Heaney

Veteran investigative reporter Jim Heaney launched the Investigative Post in 2012 with help from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and the Knight Community Information challenge. The organization aims to "tell the stories that need to be told about the skullduggery and dysfunction that pervades Buffalo and WNY (Western New York)." Investigative Post has built a diverse revenue stream that includes funding from foundations, large and small donors, and earned income through the sale of content to media partners. Those partners include WGRZ TV (NBC), WBFO FM (NPR) and The Public (alternative news weekly). Investigative post also has working relationships The Capitol Pressroom, a public affairs program boradcast on 20 public radion stations across New York, seven daily newspapers around upstate, ProPublica and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.


Effective engagement practice

We are very active on social media, promoting our stories using both our Facebook and Twitter accounts and those of our TV partner, WGRZ, which has more than 200,000 Facebook and Twitter fans and followers.

We have built our following, which now totals about 7,800, in part through an initiative funded by INN's INNovation Fund. We used paid placements to target Buffalo-area fans and followers of relevant news sites (Buffalo News, NY Times, Mother Jones, etc.)

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city


  • Produce investigative news

Topics of coverage

  • Environment
  • Government & politics
  • Planning & development


  • Yes, it is the primary focus

Institutional partners

  • University
  • Local newspaper
  • Local commercial broadcast outlet
  • Other

Other institutional partners

Public radio station, alternative news weekly

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  • Professional journalists

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  • Full-time, paid staff

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  • Part-time paid employee without commission

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  • Publish donors giving $1,000 or more