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Paddock Lake



West of the I
Paddock Lake, Wisconsin
West of the I

West of the I covers news in Western Kenosha County, WI. Husband and wife team Darren and Karen Hillock run the site and draw on their many years of community journalism experience, knowledge of what small businesses need and long-time residence in the community they cover. Topics: Education, local government, crime. Revenue: Advertising.

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Our coverage area is made up of a part of a county made up of four small villages and five rural towns. Total population of the area is about 35,000. Our site name comes from a shorthand for describing this area, known more generically as Western Kenosha County or Kenosha County west of I-94-- "west of the I" to locals on both sides of the county. We are about equidistant from Chicago and Milwaukee and right up against the fringes of the fringe of Chicagoland, though our area is much more rural in character than Lake County, Ill.


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