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The Lo-Down
New York, New York
The Lo-Down

The Lo-Down, run by husband and wife team Ed Litvak and Traven Rice, covers the ethnically diverse Lower East Side. Averaging at least 35,000 viewers a month, the publication makes a concerted effort to cover a spectrum of news in a neighborhood struggling with gentrification. In 2015, the site conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising $27,000 from readers to cover a yearlong reporting effort on solutions to save local businesses. Revenue: Advertising.

Introduction by publisher

Ed and I started The Lo-Down in 2009 after recognizing a need for local news in our community on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Our mission is to aid in community building while providing accurate and unbiased information to residents and fans of the Lower East Side. We are proud to have influenced policy, affected change and brought many separate micro communities together that would otherwise not have been connected. Our challenge has always been that we are serving a diverse, rapidly changing, but essentially low-income community.

Effective engagement practice

Facebook is our strongest engagement tool, but our daily newsletter is gaining traction.

Business challenge

The "mom and pop" businesses are very "old school," not internet savvy and rarely have ever considered the idea of advertising, much less have an ad budget. Also, this is not an area where "big box," national chains reign.

Coverage area

  • Metro or large city

Other geographic focus

Specific neighborhood within a large metro area. The Lower East Side population (and our coverage area) is approx. 85,000 people. Located within Manhattan, NYC.


  • Cover general local news

Topics of coverage

  • Entertainment & arts
  • Government & politics
  • Local business


  • Yes, infrequently

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  • Publish foundations giving $1,000 or more