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Building blocks in the emerging local news ecosystem

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  • CTNewsJunkie


    CTNewsJunkie features original reporting on state politics and policy as well as courts and the health care system. Revenue: Advertising, Content Usage Agreements (Syndication), donations, a directory of political businesses and organizations, and some sponsored content in 2016.

  • Gotham Gazette


    Gotham Gazette is a Web site about the issues facing New York City. Coverage, digests and commentary on New York City current affairs and policy, arts, education, environment, and housing; community discussion forums; sub-sites on city government, immigration issues, community gazettes, state government.

  • Hawaii 24/7


    Hawaii 24/7 covers breaking news, sports, weather, business and entertainment on the big island. 

  • Motor City Muckracker


    The Motor City Muckracker is an independent news site that covers Detroit, Mich., and produces both news and investigative stories. It was founded in 2012 by journalist Steve Neavling, a former reporter for the Detroit Free Press. Revenue: Advertising.

  • New Haven Independent


    New Haven Independent is a professionally-staffed local news site in Connecticut, edited by Paul Bass and sponsored by the not-for-profit Online Journalism Project. Topics: Neighborhoods, government, politics, criminal justice, schools, business. Revenue: Foundation grants, advertising, donations. Bonus points: With grant funding,  spun off a sister site, the Valley Independent Sentinel, also professionally staffed, which serves five towns in Connecticuts Naugautuck Valley.

  • New Mexico In Depth


    New Mexico In Depth covers public affairs including local government and politics, environment and climate change, and criminal justice. The site has partnered with several local media organizations and public radio stations. Revenue: Donor support, web ads

  • NJ Spotlight


    NJ Spotlight says its mission is to deliver "insight and information on issues critical to New Jersey, with the aim of informing and engaging the state’s communities and businesses." While the site has the support of several foundations, it also has developed a significant revenue stream staging public affairs conferences and webinars

  • Philadelphia Neighborhoods


    Philadelphia Neighborhoods is the cornerstone of the journalism department at Temple University. Students in the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab contribute stories on government, arts, sports, science and more in Philadelphia's neighborhoods. Revenue: University-supported.

  • The Colorado Independent


     The Colorado Independent is a non-profit website that covers news across Colorado state. It provides political analysis and in-depth investigations. It was started in 2006 as part of the American News Network based in Washington D.C., but it was reorganized in 2013 to be independently run in Colorado. Revenue: Donations.

  • The Connecticut Mirror


    The Connecticut Mirror covers state policy, politics and finance. In 2013, it was the only news organization in Connecticut with a full-time reporter in Washington, D.C. CTMirror has more than 20 print syndication partners who distribute its content around the state and frequently partners with the local public radio  outlet. Revenue: Foundation grants, donations.

  • The Hawaii Independent


    The Hawaii Independent, launched in 2008 as a for-profit site, converted to a cooperative in 2012. Bonus points: Publishes a downloadable magazine featuring longform journalism and literature.

  • The Philadelphia Citizen


    The Philadelphia Citizen covers new traditional topics in Philadelphia, PA. The site also publishes a weekly e-newsletter. Revenue: Sponsorships, member donations and foundation grants.

  • The Pulse


    The Pulse covers local news, politics and business in Pensacola, Florida and on the Gulf Coast. Revenue: Web ads, reader donations

  • The Tyee


    The Tyee is a Vancouver, B.C. news site that uses professional journalists and seeks to publish stories that mainstream news sources ignore. The editor is David Beers. Topics: Government and public affairs, environment, justice system. Revenue: Foundation, investors.